In 2014, the duo Rafael Abdala and Jessica Goes started their joint research on initiatives and processes for collaborative Art platforms. In 2016, they founded PROTOVOULIA through a Workshop with Greek artists in Athens (MAI+NEON: AS ONE - Benaki Museum) and in Zurich (Obsession DADA + Zurich Meets London + ICR - Cabaret Voltaire DADA and Zurich University of Arts). Recent collaborations add to previous career experiences in multitudinal environments for creative thinking and art production. Joined now by Maya Dikstein, the group sources a desire for multiauthorial and collective operations at the core of PROTOVOULIA, together they aim to explore creative processes through collaboration with other artists and art/culture initiatives from all over the globe.

Rafael Abdala is a visual artist, cultural producer and former member of Grupo EmpreZa (2008-2016). Conducts researches on performance art, video and photography, as well as in collective creation processes in Art and Cultural production. Selected to several exhibitions, festivals, shows and residencies with Grupo EmpreZa, he is currently developing projects with other partners. Lecturer for the Department of Dynamics of the Creative Thinking at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where he gives talks, courses and workshops.


Jessica Goes originally comes from a Design background, developing projects combining fashion and arts (re:form/Athens) on to igniting initiatives for different collaborative platforms in Europe and Brazil. Moving between countries and continents, in 2010 Hildemadame (her pseudonym) starts marking her poetic pursuit. In 2013, a natural pull to the contemporary and visual arts, instinctively lead to a deeper research towards performance arts and a focus on collaborative initiatives for art artistic and cultural production.

Maya Dikstein is a Israeli-Brazilian visual artist, with a preemptive research over performance art and literature/textual compositions. She has taken part in diverse exhibitions and festivals as well as in artistic residencies and collaborations with artists and spaces in Mexico, Italy and Brazil. In 2017 she joined Protovoulia as an artist member and performer.


Living is a constant collectivisation, in which we multiply and share. The primary motivation of an active subject in the world should be the donation of his/her work and his/her body as a tool for creativity. This participation respects the only real function that can be given to life: to create, mould and transform our realities and the meaning of our existence. In this sense, WE do not seek to make art, but through it we seek to share forms and actions that help us find proper meaning to our existence and place it under eternal critical conditions. 

To protect our "self" from the ego-addictive-behaviours that circumscribe our world, we choose to work collectively. In fact, our “self-creative” isn’t ours; we do not seek the “I-create”. Our work is diluted amidst the work of many others, who like us, poured creativity into a common goblet that nourishes a collective creation.  We grew as part of a collective body of ideas and perceptions, mostly improving our sense of alterity, in contrast to the self-absorbed constitution of our own identity.

We've learned to live Art as "an experimental exercise for freedom". Through art (mostly performance art) we organize our body next to other bodies, in order to promote a transformation that transcends the individual body and the certainties of individual order, leading to a collectivized  empowerment and to the dilution of the multiple [un]certainties among us. Art through life, in a shared momentum of images and actions.